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Featuring Yogi Tea's Spring Favorites

Click here to purchase Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy™

Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy

1 box (16 tea bags)     $4.99    Buy Now

This harmonizing and aromatic blend is designed to help energize and elevate your mood.

Click here to purchase Green Tea Kombucha

Green Tea Kombucha

1 box (16 tea bags)     $4.99    Buy Now

Yogi's special formula of Organic Green Tea with Kombucha is designed to support your immune system and provide antioxidants.

Click here to purchase Skin DeTox

Skin DeTox

1 box (16 tea bags)     $4.99    Buy Now

Yogi Skin DeTox was purposefully formulated to support a healthy skin care regimen.

Click here to purchase Chai Rooibos

Chai Rooibos

1 box (16 tea bags)     $4.99    Buy Now

Evoke the beauty of South Africa with our delicious all organic Chai Rooibos—a creative twist on traditional chai.

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